Digital Insights and Strategy Advisor

Get answers. Solve problems.

Strategic Insights


Key decisions and prioritization are needed everywhere. Having the right information is critical.  Together we can identify the information, data and insights you need to make and plan your business strategy.   

With over 7000 Martech and Ad Tech vendors, I know how to navigate the landscape (and land mines). You can be on the right track sooner than you think, and I can help answers those unanswered questions. 

Inspirational Insights

Balloons: Data science 2 sides: Inspiration & Rigor, I data prospect - Inspired data thinking

Together, lets workshop your business to success with proven frameworks to develop exploratory plans against,. 

Straight-talking insights keynotes or presentations are just as effective. 

With multinational views on digital competition, category and consumer insights, give your business the edge it needs to kick start your priorities. 

Structured Insights

Strategy, Insights, innovation, creativity, support, solutions.

Starting from scratch or need a refresh on existing insights? No problem, I've done this with dozens of businesses! 

Whether its understanding audiences, trends, market sizing or making media or meaningful marketing, together we can find the right solutions.