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Helping businesses advance with evidence based strategies.

50% Digital Scientist | 50% Storyteller 

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Global Expertise

i-com international conference in online measurement, where data elite meet.  Since 2005

20 years enabling international businesses

Gain visibility, become informed and tap into digital industry and insights systems and tools, this is where I help businesses advance.

1000s of business leaders of all levels have learned from me how to read information and turn it into business insights and strategy. 

Let me help you break down challenges into solvable problems underpinned by insights and business intelligence for decision making.   

Motivating all levels of business with data and insights to support growth, mitigate competitive threats, and build a solid track to success is what I can bring to your organisation.

Analytical Approach


Accelerating businesses with smart data

Like many companies, you probably need answers and fast.  Building out sustainable solutions takes time and a critical eye. 


Insights Consultancy support: I can help you with your information needs and strategy. Building digital insights departments: talent, tools, and key programs.  Full service insights support and project management also available.   

Gain independent advice on vendor selection for information sources, data, and data quality.

Powerful insights need the right inputs for success. Having run 100s of projects, I'll manage expectations if your projects can take off and deliver your needs. 

Inspirational Delivery

Laura Chaibi research launch with press briefing. She's presented over 1000 times.

Delivering compelling stories

Whether 5 people or 5000, I bring business audiences insights and new skills broken down into accessible encouraging parts and steps.

From keynote presentations, moderator roles, workshops,  education and training,  I've done over 1000 presentations to catalyze business thinking.  I'm known for both shocking and  inspirational insight in equal measure depending on client briefs. 

Why work with me? Because I've executed data driven decision making for numerous companies and know the painful change management needed to transform.  

I can get you started on the road to the future your consumers are already embracing. 

Welcome to changing the world

Starting your digital transformation journey?  

Insights and data science are growing disciplines.  

Take a quick tour with this video to see transformation unfolding worldwide. 

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