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Common problems I help solve

Better Visibility

Laura Chaibi ESOMAR magazine Research World 4 page feature article
Future of Research, Media & Ads

Digital disruptors play different rules

Professionals world over, from many industries seek out my insights on the changing business landscapes impacting their business. 


You might not even realize the big tech giants are your competitors; I help brands get an idea of how they are being disrupted. 


From travel, entertainment, tech, telco, retail, e-commerce, FMCG,  through to automotive, finance and more recently, education and pharma; reach out if you too want the get the inside track. 

Better Performance

Video, mobile, web, apps, social media measurement, Laura Chaibi has 20 years digital - specialized

5 million views? Easy... if you pay

With over 15 years measuring video starting at the BBC, I know the secrets to success with organic video viewing, focusing on brand equity building content that audiences want.    

Backed by data, I helped MBC  (Middle East Broadcast Center) move up 10 places to rank the 37th biggest Media and Entertainment company worldwide in 2018 with nearly 12bn views 

(out of 3700 companies, source: Tubular Labs). 

They moved into the top 10 on YouTube, top 50 on Facebook, Top 60 on Instagram and reaching 10m users a month on Snapchat in the GCC. 

What success looks like and developing team capabilities based on data is where I create and deliver training and value. 

Better Growth

Laura Chaibi supports growth targets, forecasting, performance, audience insights and development.

Consumer habits are changing, are you?

Savvy consumers want more things faster and cheaper.   I help brands cut through commodity mindsets to think service led solutions.  

Sales and distribution models are changing, more consumers expect services and better experiences both on and offline. Data fuels this and brands need to adapt.

Insights, data and business acumen are at the heart of the solutions I provide.

Either automate and/or provide a data enhanced service... or get left behind.